Sleep (albatrosscancer) wrote in dialoguebox,


are we we are creatures. living on a planet that orbits around a burning star. a planet floating in black space. stars and planets,. moons and galaxies. flesh and bones. nerves and blood. air and water. cells and organs. a form of matter living and breathing and taking action. air is like like water we are swimming and moving through a sea of air. surrounded completely from head to toe. we have arms. we have eyes we have legs. and fingers. nostrils. our eyes are black holes covered by transparent flesh. we observe and imagine and look and our minds tinker and toil day and night to come up with a comprehension of the concept of existence. and this is good fun.
an operating system covered, protected, sustained, and maintained by a skeleton and functional flesh. i want to put intensity away for a while and instead of sharp pointy icicles bursting out out of my skull insisting that the information it has come across requires immediate attention and wide-eyed action, there will be holes opening slowly like lazy eyes all over the surface of my mind and out of the holes will come warm syrupy liquid ideas flowing smoothly onto the grass.
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