Sleep (albatrosscancer) wrote in dialoguebox,

transferred entry #2

i got this small trouble, you know. Are there certain things and thoughts that are supposed to be deleted during the thought process? aren't there things that people don't want to know. Things that you don't even want to know you think about? and i don't mean perverted things or "immoral" things" more like just small troubles that turn bigger {{{you see i have this small dog and i don't really want it anymore but i can't give it away or anything because i don't like to pass on doggies and have them change owners all the time and im kind of attached to the dog somewhat but it gets all stinky sometimes and i don't like to wash it and sometimes i wonder why i got it in the first place. other times i can't find my pants that i want to wear and hate going back and forth back and forth and i can't find them anywhere but there is no possible way that they can just disappear so i get angry and frustrated and I look and look and snap back at the people that ask me questions that are just the least bit irritable and then i finally find them but now i feel bad about the way i snapped back and i want to apologize but that would be too much of a pussy thing to do and besides it wasn't that bad it's not like it would make a difference they would probably forget, i know i would, it's not that important.}}} and there are plenty more situations like these. small thoughts that everyone thinks in day to to day life that doesn't cause much of anything more than a straight line to get from thought a to b. but mine i like them to go every which way and at the same time and they hit on thoughts z and y while from a to c to e with loops and zigzags. every zigzagging pattern eventually ends up with the same results a straight line pattern would. kind of. A straight line person would just say you don't have any trouble. you are just this or that. It would be a straight answer and a straight solution that is strong and durable and there would hardly be rational reason for disagreeing. zzzzzzzzzzz There are also extreme Straight Liners that can make an intense statement that calls for intense change but these have high risk. the changes could be extremely positive or extremely negative. either/or. nothing in between. Like saying to a wussy who is crying for help and drowing in tears, "You just need to stop being such a pussy" and that wuss would look up and snap out of his wussiness with wide eyes and say, "You know, YOU'RE RIGHT!!" but for me these don't work so easily because i don't like them to. I find those things rather boring and doofy.
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