Sleep (albatrosscancer) wrote in dialoguebox,

case of the splits

when i walk through my life i like to split myself into three people. we each have our own strong characteristic and we can all converse, criticize, yell, contradict, agree and such. as if i am never alone and always in company. it makes it much easier to deal with being a lonely person. although sometimes it's just stupid to conduct myself in this way there are other times where i make excellent points and have no interest in another person's opinion.
but what are you scared to have someone else challenge you?
someone who does not go along with your rules?
but i have no rules in discussion of things everything goes.
my only concern is that i can find nowhere to connect with the other person and all that follows is silence. not even akward silence but BORING silence.
but shouldn't it be you that finds the connection if none is there. after all why should it have to be the other person with interesting topics and flowing dialogue. why isn't you who can be the catalyst.?
i think you are correct.
i know i am correct. There is no trouble and also there aren't three of us there is only you. there is only me. get real.
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