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correction and new information

CORRECTION as follows = :DELETION: Deletion as has been explained before is not working for me. in fact it is impossible. nothing that has been recorded in our minds can be "deleted out of existence" it can be ignored, it can be changed into something new or something unrecognizable but there is just no way that something that is remembered and was once in fact existing can no longer exist at all.
but there are other techniques i have picked up that can work just as effectively as those i mention before. the goal of these techniques is not to forget and push away back as far as your memory will go. NO. this is to make your negative experience change into something better.

Before we start let's discuss our ablity. Our mind is capable of recording images and experiences. We are also able to create images and slideshows. for example picture right now a green square. now rotate the square in any direction you wish. rotate. rotate....... now stop the rotating. switch the color to blue and watch the square disappear.

okay. now.

remember a badnogood experience that you want to change..
Put it into a slide and place it in front of you. make sure this experience is not too intense and dramatic. this technique is not intended to fix a deep deep embedded personal dramatization. okay now you have the slide in front of you. now play that memory forward. notice how you experience that memory, how you feel after going through it.. now rewind it and pause. before you play it again, in it's frozen position turn the brightness of the memory way way down and make it into a very small small square. now play it forward again and notice how you experience the memory now..
Play it forward again and this time place some funny tune or some circus music in the background. how do you experience the memory now? you experience it in the same way as before? can you go playback the memory and feel the same way you did the first time? for some this is enough to feel better. but for those who aren't there yet or those who just want to continue there is still more to go.
now put the changed tiny turned down memory and place it to the bottom corner of vision right or left it doesn't matter. now think of a good experience you had. a nice one. and place it in a slide in front of you. remember everything remember the exquisite colors. and the rich smells. remember how your arms and legs were feeling. remember the air filling your chest and stomach as it is now as you breathe. remember the sounds you heard. now play this memory forward and turn the brightness way way up. now enlarge the image. enlarge it as much as you can. and make it bright bright. notice how you experience this enlarged brightened memory now..
now that you have this good memory enlarged and brightened place it to the side. bring that tiny bad one up again. now place the big bright good memory on top of the bad one. notice how you experience the bad memory now.
if you don't experience the memory the same way you did when you started then your memory and your reaction has changed. You have changed.

The whole point to this technique is to change the way you experience situations. if you are carrying around big brightened negative depressing memories in your gallery of images then your good ones are being forgotten and suppressed. and it makes no sense to walk around feeling and living in the mood you were when undesirable experiences occured. if you're carrying around enlarged brightened good great memories then you are more inclined to look for similar situations and you'll find it easy to react to things just like you did before.
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