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You and Me we are Three

the human mind is capable of three definite actions. one is Deletion. Deletion. Deletion. You and me we are able to take any piece information that has been recorded into our skulls and delete it out of existence. There is an exercise i came across once that can help develop this action. First, of course, you've got to single out the information. since we record in a piece by piece sort of way it is easy to find. when we record information or memories we only record a certain piece. that piece is filled with great intensity or emotion so it is hard to forget. the rest of the puzzle that is a memory we sometimes get right but for the most part it is made up. It's like having a superhuge piece of a puzzle and a couple of little ones. So we have found the piece we want to delete. we play it over and over again in a loop. but we play it forward first then in reverse. forward reverse then speed it up. forward reverse forward reverse. and speed it up some more.forward reverse forward reverse. and more. forwrevardersefreorvewarserd. and more until it is moving at such a speed that it turns into a couple of seconds of screechy accelerated noise. at the end we make a visual for the noise. I make sparky electricity and turn it into a circle and we watch the sparky noise float out into the distance. it floats so far it looks like a star then we make the star disappear in a flash. then there is no noise what so ever.

another action is Generalization. Generalization helps us come to grips with a world that is infinite. with billions upon billions ups downs lefts rights sideways diagnols and cris-crosses existing in our world we are able to convince ourselves that these billions can be summed up and explained in a few straight lines. when a new experience is somewhat similar to one that we have recorded already then we are able to force the new piece into an old pattern. and soon what was once a small piece of new, confusing, and complicated becomes part of the big old, boring and general.

the third action is Distortion. every experience is different for different folks. but some experiences that have made a pattern for themselves and can be found to follow a trail that leads from a to b then c. for example, let's say a black cat passes in front of you. some might react with,'oh darn, bad luck.' or some might not even notice. a-b-c.
these reactions are common and almost automatic. but we have the ability to distort this experience, either consciously or subconciously. i do it consciously. some of us distort simply for a kick. because we are able to. i will remember things that had happpened in my day that were a little depressing and turn it into turmoil and i will pair up experience x y and z and link it to this a b and c. and i will also blame experience u and v as the cause of x and y which wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for r s and t. and i will say of course now this cat is crossing me and i will be in such a mood that my insides twist and turn and i want to bite into my arm. others do it subconsciously. this usually causes pain, depression, or the crazies.
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