Sleep (albatrosscancer) wrote in dialoguebox,

outdated information- November 2003-/transferred entry #4

once we stop moving stop acting stop trying so hard stop making up stop being what we think is alive what we think is purpose what we think is right what we think is wrong what we think is is is is is is. stop imagining the impossible is impossible stop thinking thinking is thinking. stop everything we have been taught because we've been taught by losers who were taught by liars who were taught by snakes who were taught by whores who were taught by pimps who were taught by their asshole fathers who were beaten by their fag grandfathers who just wanted to die anyway because they had no clues to follow. what are we constantly doing as we walk as we try as we sing and dance as we play, nothing. because it can all end tonight. nothing is all we have. look at your face and look at it hard because that is all you are. a brain covered by flesh and bones. flesh and bones who's only real purpose is to serve the nervous system. to serve the brain. to feed it and keep it occupied like it wants. we are a virus on the earth. eating it;s green vegetation and turning it brown and disgusting. we are a virus who's only purpose is to spread and spread and turn every virus similar to it exactly like it. we are superior to animals. we are superior to insects. we are kings not peasants. we are the ultimate. we are our own gods. we have what it takes. we don't need you. you need us. we all need each other. we all love each other. we all want to ffuck each other i want you i need you. i love you. i am desperate. i am confident. i am what you love. i am what you need. i am what you desire. i am all that is good. i am all that can be done. i am what the world needs today. i am a slob. i am a maid. i am a leader. nothing is the matter. nothing is matter. I am me alone. i don't want this anymore. yes i do. i want this i love this this all there is everything else is a phony. this the only dance there is. this the only one. only one thing to it. it's easy it isn't hard it isn't difficult it isn't unnnatural this is common sense this something you already know this the only dance there is .
okay. okay. i am listening to this song. and i can't think my mind is going fast, right now. make it go so fast it starts to go slow. make it go fast think of anything think of what you like what you fear what you lick. think of it all at once think of the past think of the future think of the present think of alll of those moments of your life think about them hard and fast like a firework. think of them fast fast like sperm speeding into an egg like all of these people in a big city skyscraper street and see them bouncing and running into each other with the sky changing from night into day real fast. think of all of those people you loved to be with at the time think of those days when everything just went right think of all of the times you've been having think about them think think thinnk think of how you came to be at this place you are right now staring at this computer think about that. remember everything remember it all remember all of those dreams remember all of those times that were funny. i don't care remember it's all relative it all makes perfect sense. because it doesn't make any sense....then we are in a rowboat. in the middle of the water. spinning in a circle . no just the camera is spinning. i am sitting you are laid with your arms out. the water is dark because the sun is setting the sky is purple and red and pink and orange. there's a thermos of drink in the boat but you can't see it too good because of the shadow and all.
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